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--- ais/ai-00164.txt	1999/09/16 20:40:29	1.9
+++ ais/ai-00164.txt	2000/04/14 01:45:08	1.10
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-!standard E.2.2    (09)                               99-09-15  AI95-00164/05
+!standard E.2.2    (09)                               00-04-11  AI95-00164/06
 !class binding interpretation 96-10-04
 !status Corrigendum 2000 99-07-27
 !status WG9 approved 99-06-12
@@ -106,10 +106,11 @@
 An access type declared in the visible part of a remote types or remote
 call interface library unit is called a @i<remote access type>. Such a type
-shall be either an access-to-subprogram type, a general access type that
-designates a class-wide limited private type, or a class-wide private type
-extension whose ancestors are private type extensions and
-a limited private type.
+shall be:
+@xbullet<An access-to-subprogram type, or>
+@xbullet<A general access type that designates a class-wide limited private type
+or a class-wide private type extension all of whose ancestors are either private
+type extensions or limited private types.>
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