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--- ais/ai-00147.txt	2002/03/13 00:48:26	1.11
+++ ais/ai-00147.txt	2002/03/14 23:47:08	1.12
@@ -2104,3 +2104,19 @@
+From: Erhard Ploedereder
+Sent: Thursday, March 14, 2002 11:35 AM
+I think it boils down to: if you can make it transparent to the program,
+i.e., no information retained anywhere about the location of the object or
+all such information is fixed up, anything goes (obviously). If you can't,
+nothing goes.
+If anything, one could introduce a rule along the lines:
+An object may be moved for implementation reasons. In this case, Adjust and
+Finalize calls occur as described for the anonymous temporary object upon
+assignment. (course, the words need refinement, but the intent ought to be

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