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--- ais/ai-00145.txt	2000/08/01 05:39:33	1.6
+++ ais/ai-00145.txt	2001/03/22 22:24:53	1.7
@@ -184,8 +184,14 @@
 !ACATS test
-Construct a C-Test to check that renaming examples given here are legal and
-work as expected.
+Create a C-Test to check that a renames-as-body used before the subprogram is
+frozen only requires mode conformance. (Test, 8-0-0, ARG Letter Ballot,
+February 2001). Use the examples from this AI in the test.
+Create a C-Test to check that the predefined boolean operators have the
+parameter type Boolean'Base. (No Test, 4-3-1 (2/3rd majority required, but not
+achieved), ARG Letter Ballot, February 2001). It was felt that it was unlikely
+that compilers would get this wrong.

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