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--- ais/ai-00135.txt	2000/07/15 02:29:58	1.8
+++ ais/ai-00135.txt	2001/03/22 22:24:53	1.9
@@ -143,9 +143,17 @@
 !ACATS test
-A B-Test should be created to check the illegal case. The B-Test should
-include the legal cases as well. (Note that a C-Test can't be usefully
-constructed, as any call would never terminate.)
+Create a B-Test to check that a renaming-as-body is illegal if the declaration
+occurs before the subprogram it completes is frozen, and the renaming renames
+the subprogram itself (directly or indirectly). (Test, 7-1-0,
+ARG Letter Ballot, February 2001).
+Check that a legal circular renames (that is, doesn't violate 8.5.4(5/1))
+is a bounded error, and raises Program_Error or Storage_Error or goes
+infinitely recursive (which ought to eventually raise Storage_Error).
+(No Test, 2-4-2, ARG Letter Ballot, February 2001). Such a test could run
+for a long time (if it goes infinitely recursive), which violates ACATS
+tests standards, so this cannot be tested.

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