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--- ais/ai-00135.txt	1999/08/31 22:53:55	1.3
+++ ais/ai-00135.txt	1999/10/08 23:41:05	1.4
@@ -232,3 +232,34 @@
 exceeding my charter, we can just omit the bounded error paragraph.
+!from Randy Brukardt 99-10-07
+At the recent ARG meeting, much discussion centered around this wording. The
+primary problem was: "Is it possible for this problem to occur with a frozen
+subporgram?" Examples were given. It is clear that at least one subprogram
+renaming must be unfrozen in order for the loop to be be detectable at
+compile-time, but it may not be the renaming that closes the loop.
+One alternative wording given for 8.5.4(5) was:
+It is illegal for a renaming-as-body that occurs before the subprogram it
+declares is frozen to rename itself, directly, or indirectly, through one or
+more renamings, none of which have been frozen.
+But it was decided this was wrong.
+One example given was the following:
+function "+" (A, B : Natural) return Natural;
+function "+" (A, B : Natural) return Natural renames "+";
+Since only mode-conformance is required for non-frozen renames, we could end
+up with a case where the specification is not respected (that is, calls would
+be made without the constraint checking implied by the specification. It was
+agreed that this was bad.
+The wording was tabled.

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