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--- ais/ai-00130.txt	1999/06/22 01:44:37	1.4
+++ ais/ai-00130.txt	1999/07/21 03:10:58	1.5
@@ -1,5 +1,6 @@
-!standard H.4      (08)                               99-06-12  AI95-00130/04
+!standard H.4      (08)                               99-07-20  AI95-00130/05
 !class binding interpretation 96-04-13
+!status Corrigendum 2000 99-07-20
 !status WG9 approved 99-06-12
 !status ARG approved (with editiorial changes) 8-0-1 99-03-25
 !status work item 96-04-17
@@ -160,6 +161,55 @@
 restrictions.  This is similar to other information gathering that
 is required of all implementations as part of implementing the
 Restrictions pragma, so this is not felt to be unduly burdensome.
+!corrigendum 13.12(8)
+A @fa<pragma> Restrictions is a configuration pragma; unless otherwise
+specified for a particular restriction, a partition shall obey the
+restriction if a @fa<pragma> Restrictions applies to any compilation unit
+included in the partition.
+For the purpose of checking whether a partition contains constructs
+that violate any restriction (unless specified otherwise for a
+particular restriction):
+@xbullet<Generic instances are logically expanded at the point of instantiation;>
+@xbullet<If an object of a type is declared or allocated and not explicitly
+initialized, then all expressions appearing in the definition for
+the type and any of its ancestors are presumed to be used;>
+@xbullet<Default formal parameters are presumed to be used only if the
+corresponding actual parameter is not provided in a given call or
+Notwithstanding the above, for code which is recognized at compile-time
+as unreachable, and for which no object code is generated,
+implementations are permitted to omit restriction checks.
+!corrigendum D.7(4)
+@xhang<No_Nested_Finalization   Objects with controlled task parts,
+and access types that designate such objects, shall be declared only
+at library level.>
+@xhang<No_Nested_Finalization   Objects with controlled, protected,
+or task parts, and access types that designate such objects, shall be
+declared only at library level.>
+!corrigendum H.4(8)
+@xhang<No_Local_Allocators   @fa<Allocator>s are prohibited in subprograms,
+generic subprograms, tasks, and entry bodies; instantations of generic
+packages are also prohibited in these contexts.>
+@xhang<No_Local_Allocators   @fa<Allocator>s are prohibited in subprograms,
+generic subprograms, tasks, and entry bodies.>
+!ACATS test
+Create a C-Test to check that No_Local_Allocators and No_Nested_Finalization
+allow generic instantiations of appropriate packages.

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