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Differences between 1.11 and version 1.12
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--- ais/ai-00130.txt	2000/07/13 04:31:28	1.11
+++ ais/ai-00130.txt	2000/08/01 05:39:33	1.12
@@ -120,8 +120,7 @@
 Furthermore, the pragma Restrictions is primarily designed to
 support application environments where schedulability
 and formal verification requirements dictate that generics
-can only be certified with respect to particular instantiations --
-never in the abstract.
+can only be certified with respect to particular instantiations.
 A more serious problem with the rules given for the No_Task_Hierarchy
 restriction in D.7(3), No_Nested_Finalization in D.7(4), and

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