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--- ais/ai-00123.txt	1999/08/31 22:53:54	1.3
+++ ais/ai-00123.txt	1999/10/08 23:41:05	1.4
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-!standard 04.05.02 (20)                               99-08-31  AI95-00123/08
+!standard 04.05.02 (24)                               99-10-07  AI95-00123/09
 !standard 04.05.02 (32)
 !class binding interpretation 96-07-23
 !status Corrigendum 2000 99-07-28
@@ -177,11 +177,12 @@
 and then (conditionally) call user-defined equality operators on the
 other components.  All of these implementations are valid.
-!corrigendum 4.05.02(20)
+!corrigendum 4.05.02(24)
-The analogous definitions apply if the types of the two objects or
-values are convertible, rather than being the same.
+@xbullet<Otherwise, the result is defined in terms of the primitive equals
+operator for any matching tagged components, and the predefined
+equals for any matching untagged components.>
 For any composite type, the order in which "=" is called for components is
 not defined by the language.  Furthermore, if the result can be determined
@@ -195,11 +196,9 @@
 corresponding membership test using @b<in>.
 @i<@s8<Implementation Requirements>>@hr
-Certain language-defined packages provide private types with an explicit
-declaration of the "=" operator. The implementation of the "=" operator
-shall be such that it composes properly (i.e., that no predefined equality
-of the full type "reemerges"), when the type is used as a component type, or
-as a generic actual type.
+For all non-limited types declared in language-defined packages, the "="
+operator of the type shall behave as if it were the predefined equality operator
+for the purposes of composite equality and generic formal type equality.
 !ACATS test

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