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Differences between 1.8 and version 1.9
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--- ais/ai-00118.txt	2000/07/15 02:29:56	1.8
+++ ais/ai-00118.txt	2001/03/22 22:24:53	1.9
@@ -83,8 +83,12 @@
 !ACATS test
-It is possible to write a test for the example given here, but it probably
-would work even for an incorrect implementation.
+Create a C-Test to check that termination of T signals a task that uses
+T'Terminated or Ada.Task_Identification.Is_Terminated. (No Test, 2-1-5,
+(2/3rd majority required, but not achieved), ARG Letter Ballot, February 2001)
+The test could use the example given in this AI. However, this test would
+likely work even for an implementation that got this wrong. That is, it would
+be unlikely for it to detect any errors.

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