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--- ais/ai-00114.txt	2003/01/24 04:14:27	1.6
+++ ais/ai-00114.txt	2004/02/06 05:01:47	1.7
@@ -390,3 +390,30 @@
+From: Robert I. Eachus
+Sent: Wednesday, December  3, 2003  7:53 AM
+>Feel free to send such suggestions to me. I added some index entries for the
+>Consolidated RM, and I'll be happy to do so again.
+I just ran into one that is not marginal at all. 3.8(12) should appear
+somewhere under discriminants in the index, for example:
+   use in a record definition 3.8(12)
+This is the paragraph that requires that a discriminant must appear
+alone in a record declaration: "A name that denotes a noninherited
+discriminant is allowed within the declaration of the type, but not
+within the discriminant_part. If the discriminant is used to define the
+constraint of a component, the bounds of an entry family, or the
+constraint of the parent subtype in a derived_type_definition then its
+name shall appear alone as a direct_name (not as part of a larger
+expression or expanded name). A discriminant shall not be used to define
+the constraint of a scalar component."
+Of course I could recommend that we remove the restriction instead. ;-)
+But I just don't see that as a big deal.

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