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--- ais/ai-00114.txt	1998/09/30 00:17:19	1.1
+++ ais/ai-00114.txt	1998/10/12 23:36:40	1.2
@@ -221,3 +221,32 @@
+!topic      Change from Ada 83 omitted
+!reference  AARM-95 13.7 (37.d-38.d)
+!from       Wes Groleau  98 Oct 06
+!keywords   System  Null_Address  incompatibility
+<<reference as: 1998-15927.a W. Wesley Groleau x4923 1998-10-6>>
+!discussion In LRM-83, no equivalent of System.Null_Address is required.
+	    Many vendors added it as an extension, but not all used the
+	    same name.  AARM mentions UI-0065 (which I am still trying to
+	    locate) but doesn't specifically say it is a change.  (Karl
+	    Grebyn's Ada 83 Annotations do not mention any Ada-83
+	    standardization issue for this, so I presume there wasn't one
+	    until the 9X effort.)
+!topic      Change from Ada 83 omitted
+!reference  AARM 5.4(18-18.h) 
+!from       Wes Groleau  98 Oct 06
+!keywords   base type  others  case
+<<reference as: 1998-15927.b W. Wesley Groleau x4923 1998-10-6>>
+!discussion In Ada '83, a case statement controlled by a function call in
+	    some cases required either an "others" choice or an explicit
+	    choice for a value that could never occur.  The latter
+	    workaround in Ada 83 made for ugly code, but many shops felt
+	    it was better than the maintenance risks of "others." Ada 95
+	    improved this situation.  The improvement made the workaround
+	    illegal.  I approve of the change, but would like to point out
+	    that it would be more accurate to mention it as an
+	    "incompatibility" instead of merely as an "extension."

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