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--- ais/ai-00112.txt	1998/09/30 00:17:19	1.1
+++ ais/ai-00112.txt	1999/07/21 03:10:57	1.2
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-!standard A.11     (00)                               96-11-16  AI95-00112/03
+!standard A.11     (00)                               99-05-27  AI95-00112/04
 !class confirmation 96-04-04
 !status WG9 approved 96-12-07
 !status ARG approved 12-0-0  96-10-07
@@ -9,24 +9,30 @@
 !difficulty Medium
 !subject Wide_String file names
-!summary 96-04-04
 The I/O facilities do not directly support file names that are
-!question 96-09-15
 Although Wide_Text_IO provides support for text files containing
 Wide_Characters and Wide_Strings, no predefined package provides support
 for files whose names are Wide_Strings.
-!response 96-07-23
 Support for Wide_String file names was considered during the design of
 Ada 9X.  The consensus was that it is not important enough to directly
 support in the language.
-!appendix 96-04-04
+!ACATS test
+This AI deals with a capability not supported by
+Ada 95. While a test to insure that implementations do not support Wide_String
+file names is possible, it would be of very little value.
 !section A.11(00)
 !subject Wide_String file names?

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