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--- ais/ai-00108.txt	2000/07/08 02:40:52	1.11
+++ ais/ai-00108.txt	2000/07/13 04:31:27	1.12
@@ -944,7 +944,7 @@
 This purposely is a different conclusion than the unfinished AI-195 pt. 3 comes
 to. However, just inheriting existing attributes (thus silently ignoring any
 extension components) seems to be more likely to cause bugs than provide
-anything useful. Ada 95 goes to pretty far to avoid silently dropping extension
+anything useful. Ada 95 goes pretty far to avoid silently dropping extension
 components, yet a distributed system using these attributes could very well end
 up ignoring the extensions completely. This rule (combined with the new
 13.13.2(9)) allows limited extensions to work properly so long as all of the

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