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--- ais/ai-00106.txt	2000/08/01 05:39:33	1.9
+++ ais/ai-00106.txt	2003/03/15 01:38:48	1.10
@@ -275,7 +275,14 @@
 !ACATS test
-A B-Test should be constructed to check each of the examples in this issue.
+Test BDE0009 checks that implicit calls cause freezing. (Test, 6-0-2, ARG
+Letter Ballot, February 2001).
+Test BDE0010 checks that an object renaming causes freezing (Test, 6-0-2,
+ARG Letter Ballot, February 2001), that implicit dereferences cause
+freezing in a construct that causes freezing, (Test, 7-0-1, ARG Letter Ballot,
+February 2001), and that implicit conversions are freezing. (Test, 6-0-2, ARG
+Letter Ballot, February 2001).

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