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--- ais/ai-00056.txt	1998/09/30 00:17:11	1.1
+++ ais/ai-00056.txt	1999/07/08 17:28:21	1.2
@@ -1,31 +1,25 @@
-!standard A.8.2    (02)                               96-02-06  AI95-00056/01
+!standard A.8.2    (02)                               99-07-08  AI95-00056/02
 !class confirmation 95-06-25
 !status WG9 approved 95-06-14
 !status ARG approved (subject to editorial review) 8-0-2  95-11-01
 !status received 95-06-25
 !subject Create(Mode => Append_File)
-!summary 95-06-25
 The Create procedures in Sequential_IO and Text_IO accept a mode;
 an exception is not raised merely because the mode is Append_File
 or In_File.  If the file cannot be created due to the mode,
 Use_Error is raised.
-!question 95-06-25
 For Text_IO and Sequential_IO, what are the semantics of calling Create
 with Mode => Append_File?  What about In_File?  Does it matter whether
 or not the external file already exists?
-!recommendation 95-06-25
-(See summary.)
-!wording 95-06-25
-!discussion 95-06-25
 There seems to be no harm in allowing creation of files of mode
 Append_File and In_File.  For Append_File mode, the semantics are
 similar to Out_File.  For In_File mode, no writing is possible without a
@@ -33,8 +27,14 @@
 systems (for example, named pipes in Unix).  As stated in A.8.2(5), if
 the underlying system cannot create the file with that mode, Use_Error
 is raised.
+!ACATS test
+ACATS tests CXA8002 and CXAA001 test Append_File modes on Create.
+ACATS tests CE2102D, CE2102I, CE3102E, and CE3104A test In_File modes on
-!appendix 95-06-25
 !section A.8.2(02)
 !subject Create(Mode => Append_File)
@@ -146,9 +146,5 @@
 of POSIX pipes/named FIFOs are sufficiently tricky that it may well
 make sense for the reader to create the pipe, and the writer to
 open the previously created pipe.

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