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--- ais/ai-00050.txt	1998/09/30 00:17:10	1.1
+++ ais/ai-00050.txt	1999/07/09 21:42:06	1.2
@@ -1,21 +1,22 @@
-!standard A.10.3   (25)                               96-06-05  AI95-00050/02
+!standard A.10.3   (25)                               99-07-09  AI95-00050/03
 !standard A.14(03)
 !standard A.10(05)
 !class binding interpretation 95-06-25
+!status Corrigendum 2000 99-05-24
 !status WG9 approved 95-06-14
 !status ARG approved 11-0-0 (by letter ballot) 96-06-05
 !status ARG approved (subject to letter ballot) 9-0-0  95-11-01
 !status received 95-06-25
 !subject External files of Standard_Input and Standard_Output
-!summary 95-06-25
 Standard_Input, Standard_Output, and Standard_Error are associated with
 three distinct (internal) file objects.  Their association with external
 files is not specified by the language; in particular, these three
 external files need not be distinct.
-!question 95-06-25
 A.14(2-3) says:
@@ -55,15 +56,15 @@
 with an implementation-defined external file.  A procedure is provided to
 change the current default error file.
-!recommendation 95-06-25
 (See summary.)
-!wording 95-06-25
 Delete paragraph A.14(3).
-!discussion 95-06-25
 The NOTE in A.10.3(25) is correct.  A.10(5-6) doesn't specifically say
 whether the external files are distinct.  In any case, external files
@@ -81,7 +82,22 @@
 what A.14(2) already says for all text files.  Therefore, A.14(3) should
 simply be removed, as stated under wording above.
-!appendix 95-06-25
+!corrigendum A.14(03)
+@xbullet<Standard_Input and Standard_Output are associated with distinct
+external files, so operations on one of these files cannot affect
+operations on the other file.  In particular, reading from
+Standard_Input does not affect the current page, line, and column
+numbers for Standard_Output, nor does writing to Standard_Output
+affect the current page, line, and column numbers for Standard_Input.>
+!ACATS test
+This is essentially a permission to share the external device, which is not
 !section A.7(01)
 !section A.14(0)

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