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!standard A.12.2 (03)          95-11-01 AI95-00027/01
!class confirmation 95-06-25
!status WG9 approved 95-06-14
!status ARG approved (subject to editorial review) 10-0-0 95-11-01
!status received 95-06-25
!subject Typo: is access all {Ada.}Streams.Root_Stream_Type'Class
!summary 95-06-25
In A.12.2(3) and A.12.3(3), "is access all Streams.Root_Stream_Type'Class" is correct as is; no "Ada." is needed.
!question 95-06-25
Should "Ada." be added to Streams.Root_Stream_Type'Class in A.12.2(3) and A.12.3(3)? (No.)
!response 95-06-25
Ada.Text_IO.Text_Streams is a child of Ada; hence the name "Streams" is directly visible, and does not need to be prefixed by "Ada.". The same is true in Ada.Wide_Text_IO.Text_Streams.
The reason Streams is directly visible in Ada.Text_IO.Text_Streams is: A child unit is part of the declarative region of its parent, by 8.1(9). Within the declaration region of Ada, the declaration of Streams precedes the declaration of Text_IO.Text_Streams, because Text_IO.Text_Streams says "with Ada.Streams;", by 10.1.4(2). Thus, Text_IO.Text_Streams is within the immediate scope of Ada.Streams, by 8.2(2-3). Thus, the declaration of Streams is directly visible, by 8.3(21).

!section A.12.2(03)
!section A.12.3(3)
!subject Typo: is access all {Ada.}Streams.Root_Stream_Type'Class
!reference RM9X-A.12.2(3);5.95
!reference RM9X-A.12.3(3);5.95
!from Norman Cohen
!reference as: 95-5088.b Norman H. Cohen 95-1-30>>


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