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!comment This file contains Corrigendum conflicts for the first Corrigendum
!comment for Ada 2022. Conflicts occur when multiple issues change the same
!comment paragraph of the standard.
!comment This file (and the reading of it in the program) would need to
!comment be changed for a new Corrigendum or Amendment.
!comment The paragraphs must be in sorted order!!
!comment None yet. The below shows a sample conflict.
!comment !corrigendum 3.2.4(4/3)
!comment !AI-0071-1
!comment !AI-0099-1
!comment @drepl
!comment @xbullet<For a (first) subtype defined by a derived type declaration,
!comment the predicates of the parent subtype and the progenitor subtypes apply.>
!comment @dby
!comment @xbullet<For a (first) subtype defined by a type declaration, any
!comment predicates of parent or progenitor subtypes apply.>

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