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--- ai22s/ai22-0059-1.html	2023/03/18 08:36:01	1.2
+++ ai22s/ai22-0059-1.html	2023/03/21 08:31:13	1.3
@@ -131,9 +131,10 @@
 The storage pool P is used only for allocators returning type T or other access types specified to
 use T'Storage_Pool. Storage_Error is raised by an allocator returning such a type if the
 storage space of P is exhausted (additional memory is not allocated). The type of
-P<span class="ins">{ is nonblocking}</span><span class="del">[, and the]</span>{The primitive
-Allocate, Deallocate, and Storage_Size subprograms of P <span class="ins">{have the Parallel_Calls
-aspect specified as True and }are nonblocking.</span></p>
+P<span class="ins">{ is nonblocking.}</span><span class="del">[, and
+the]</span><span class="ins">{The}</span> primitive Allocate, Deallocate, and Storage_Size
+subprograms of P <span class="ins">{have the Parallel_Calls aspect specified as True and
+}</span>are nonblocking.</p>
 <h2 class="head">!discussion</h2>
 <p class="text">We considered defining a new aspect for this purpose, but felt it was better to
 build on the Parallel_Calls aspect, as it would be confusing to have two closely related concepts

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