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!standard 3.9(21)          22-01-07 AI22-0001-1/03
!standard 3.9.3(8/3)
!standard 4.2.1(7/5)
!standard 4.3.5(7/5)
!standard 4.3.5(8/5)
!standard 4.3.5(9/5)
!standard 4.3.5(22/5)
!standard 13.1.1(18.8/5)
!class presentation 21-11-11
!status deleted 21-01-19
!status work item 21-11-11
!status received 21-07-14
!priority Low
!difficulty Easy
!qualifier Omission
!subject Presentation issues in Ada 202x submission
This AI was renumbered as AI12-0437-1 so it applies to the Ada 202x documents.
(See Summary.)
!ACATS test
No ACATS tests needed for presentation changes.


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