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!standard 3.5.10(9)          21-05-22 AI12-0426-1/02
!standard A.18.33(24/3)
!class presentation 21-05-07
!status Amendment 1-2012 21-05-07
!status work item 21-05-07
!status received 20-05-07
!priority Low
!difficulty Easy
!qualifier Omission
!subject Presentation issues from WG 9 review
Various wording issues were noted by WG 9 reviewers of Draft 29 of the RM.
(1) A.18.33(24/3) "Short hand" is ususual, should it be written "shorthand"?
(2) 3.5.10(9) ends with a period ('.'), but it is the second bullet of a set of three, and the first bullet ends with a semicolon (';'). Should it end with a semicolon, too? (Yes.)
(1) Certainly this should be "shorthand". The original comment also noted a few uses of "short-hand", we change those as well.
(2) Fix it! This has been wrong since the original Ada 95 Standard. Interestingly, the Ada 9x drafts 4.0 and 5.0 only have two bullets here, so the third bullet (3.5.10(10)) must have been a last-minute addition, and the punctuation wasn't changed properly.
(1) Modify A.18.33(24/3):
is a convenient {shorthand}[short hand] for
Also, replace "short-hand" by "shorthand" in AARM 3.8(15.a) and AARM 11.1(1.c).
(2) Replace the ending '.' with ';' in 3.5.10(9).
(See !recommendation.)
!corrigendum 3.5.10(9)
Replace the paragraph:
!corrigendum A.18.33(24/3)
Replace the paragraph:
is a convenient short hand for
is a convenient shorthand for
No ASIS effect.
!ACATS test
No ACATS tests should be needed, none of these changes change any semantics.

From the WG 9 review, Issue #125


Shorthand is normally one word these days. By far the majority of uses of 
shorthand in the AARM are one word. There are some instances of short-hand
which reminds me that in the old days we said to-day and to-morrow.


From the WG 9 review, Issue #30


The bullet should end in a ';' not a '.'.

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