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!standard x.x.x(xx)          21-05-07 AI12-0426-1/01
!standard A.18.33(24/3)
!class presentation 21-05-07
!status Amendment 1-2012 21-05-07
!status work item 21-05-07
!status received 20-05-07
!priority Low
!difficulty Easy
!qualifier Omission
!subject Presentation issues from WG 9 review
Various wording issues were noted by WG 9 reviewers of Draft 29 of the RM.
(1) A.18.33(24/3) "Short hand" is ususual, should it be written "shorthand"?
(1) Certainly this should be "shorthand". The original comment also noted a few uses of "short-hand", we change those as well.
(1) Modify A.18.33(24/3):
is a convenient {shorthand}[short hand] for
Also, replace "short-hand" by "shorthand" in AARM 3.8(15.a) and AARM 11.1(1.c).
(See !recommendation.)
!corrigendum A.18.33(24/3)
Replace the paragraph:
is a convenient short hand for
is a convenient shorthand for
No ASIS effect.
!ACATS test
No ACATS tests should be needed, none of these changes change any semantics.

From the WG 9 review, Issue #125

A.18.33 24/3 

Shorthand is normally one word these days. By far the majority of uses of 
shorthand in the AARM are one word. There are some instances of short-hand
which reminds me that in the old days we said to-day and to-morrow.


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