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--- ai12s/ai12-0425-1.txt	2021/03/03 08:11:31	1.1
+++ ai12s/ai12-0425-1.txt	2021/03/14 10:29:22	1.2
@@ -1,5 +1,7 @@
-!standard 13.6(2)                               21-03-02  AI12-0418-1/01
+!standard 13.6(2)                               21-03-14  AI12-0425-1/02
 !standard J.15.8(1/3)
+!standard N(16)
+!standard N(22)
 !class presentation 21-03-02
 !status Amendment 1-2012 21-03-02
 !status work item 21-03-02
@@ -31,7 +33,12 @@
 Should this wording be improved? (Yes.)
+(3) N(16) is not worded as a definition but simply states a property.
+Reword? (Yes.)
+(4) N(22) contains the odd phrase that a library unit "is always a package,
+subprogram, or generic unit". This seems better without the "always". Change
+this? (Yes.)
@@ -44,7 +51,9 @@
 types with different representations, so it isn't necessary to mention it in
 the RM.)
+(3) Replace with: "An elementary type is a type that does not have components."
+(4) Follow the suggestion in the question.
@@ -74,6 +83,13 @@
   tagged types from having different representations of the parent part.
   Therefore, this technique cannot be used for tagged or by-reference types.
+(3) Modify N(16):
+  Elementary type. An elementary type {is a type that} does not have components.
+(4) Modify N(22):
+  Library unit. A library unit is a separately compiled program unit, and is
+  [always] a package, subprogram, or generic unit. 
 (See !recommendation.)
@@ -120,3 +136,13 @@
 in J.15.8(1/3) for consistency and to correct the noted issues.
+From an informal RM review from John Barnes (March 8, 2021)
+N(16)           elementary type   not really a definition but simply stating a property.
+	Better to say An elementary type is a type that does  not have components
+N(22) library unit  “is always”  is a bit strange. maybe delete always.

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