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 object. Repeating that list in each rule just makes it more likely to make
 a mistake, and it will simplify writing any similar rules in the future.
+!corrigendum 3.3(13/3)
+An object is either a @i<constant> object or a @i<variable>
+object. Similarly, a view of an object is either a @i<constant>
+or a @i<variable>. All views of a constant elementary object
+are constant.
+All views of a constant composite object are constant,
+except for parts that are of controlled or immutably limited
+types; variable views of those parts and their subcomponents
+may exist. In this sense, objects of controlled and immutably
+limited types are @i<inherently mutable>. A constant view of
+an object cannot be used to modify its value. The terms constant
+and variable by themselves refer to constant and variable views
+of objects.
+A constant object is @i<known to have no variable views> if it does not have
+a part that is immutably limited, or of a controlled type, private type, or
+private extension.
+!corrigendum 6.1.1(22.1/4)
+@xbullet<a @fa<predicate> of a @fa<quantified_expression>;>
+@xbullet<a name statically denoting a
+full constant declaration which is known to have no variable 
+views (see 3.3);>
+!corrigendum 6.1.2(0)
+See the conflict file for the changes.
 No ASIS Effect.

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