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!standard 6.1.1(18/5)          21-01-19 AI12-0421-1/01
!standard 6.1.1(18.1/4)
!standard 6.1.1(18.2/4)
!class binding interpretation 21-01-14
!status deleted 21-01-19
!status work item 21-01-14
!status received 21-01-14
!priority Low
!difficulty Easy
!qualifier Omission
!subject Legality checks for class-wide Pre and Post
This AI was merged into AI12-0412-1.
No ASIS effect.
!ACATS test

From: Jeff Cousins
Sent: Tuesday, January 19, 2021  11:00 AM

For the record, before 421 disappears, both of the functions in the question require 
"return Boolean", and "by to the" in the discussion should lose the "to".


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