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Differences between 1.9 and version 1.10
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--- ai12s/ai12-0378-1.txt	2020/09/11 22:23:10	1.9
+++ ai12s/ai12-0378-1.txt	2020/10/16 05:22:46	1.10
@@ -757,7 +757,7 @@
 From: Randy Brukardt
-Sent: Wednesday, April 29, 2020  4:05 PM
+Sent: Wednesday, September 9, 2020  4:05 PM
 > Suggest.
@@ -771,5 +771,26 @@
    "View conversions to an unrelated type with the Default_Value 
    aspect specified are unlikely to occur in existing code, 
    since the aspect is new in Ada 2012."
+From: Brad Moore
+Sent: Wednesday, September 9, 2020  4:30 PM
+Definitely Agree.
+And on an aside,  I notice you put the period after "Ada 2012" inside the 
+quotes, which is needed here. :-)
+Perhaps that's another reason why we go against the apparent US norm. When 
+we are in the businees of wordsmithing, we need to know precisely which 
+punctuation is in the wording inside the quotes. It might be confusing in 
+certain situations if we were to put punctuation from the outer context inside 
+the quotes, but not sure if that is a possibility or not.
+TBH, I am not sure what we do in Canada, probably a mixture of the US and 
+British style, but it is not something I recall encountering before, so I 
+just assumed it was a typo, and not intentional. [Brad is referring to the
+discussion filed in AC-00334 - Editor.]

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