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--- ai12s/ai12-0342-1.txt	2019/09/25 04:01:35	1.1
+++ ai12s/ai12-0342-1.txt	2019/10/02 01:42:49	1.2
@@ -980,3 +980,13 @@
 doesn't seem to shorten anything much, I'd just use the longer phrase.)
+From: Tucker Taft
+Sent: Thursday, September 26, 2019  3:57 PM
+It seems like Steve ran out of time before his vacation, or simply missed one 
+of your emails, Randy.  I agree that your "meta rule" is a good start, and it 
+would be nice to discuss it explicitly in the ARG meeting, hopefully with 
+some examples (since in the abstract it can be pretty hard to decide!).

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