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!standard E.2.1(7/4)          19-03-06 AI12-0320-1/01
!standard E.2.1(7.1/4)
!class binding interpretation 19-03-06
!status Amendment 1-2012 19-03-06
!status work item 19-03-06
!status received 19-03-05
!priority Low
!difficulty Easy
!qualifier Clarification
!subject Changes from the RM review
Various wording changes are made to clarify the Standard.
(1) E.2.1(7/4) is confusing:
... nor a type with a part that is of a task type or protected type with entry_declarations.
This can be read two ways as shown by the parens below:
... nor a type with a part that is of a ((task type or protected type) with entry_declarations).
... nor a type with a part that is of a ((task type) or (protected type with entry_declarations)).
(1) The original wording makes it clear that the second interpretation is intended. Adding more connector words only helps a tiny bit, so the recommendation is to change this into a list of sub-bullets (and we can include the following bullet in that rewrite as well).
Replace E.2.1(7/4-7.1/4) with:
* it shall not contain a library-level declaration:
* of an access type that designates a class-wide type;
* of a type with a part that is of a task type;
* of a type with a part that is of a protected type with entry_declarations; nor
* that contains a name that denotes a type declared within a declared-pure package, if that type has a part that is of an access type; for the purposes of this rule, the parts considered include those of the full views of any private types or private extensions.
[Editor's note: Put the AARM notes after the appropriate bullet.]
!corrigendum E.2.1(7/4)
Replace the paragraph:
!corrigendum E.2.1(7.1/4)
Replace the paragraph:
No ASIS effect.
!ACATS test

From: Randy Brukardt
Written: Wednesday, March 06, 2019  6:45 PM

Jeff's review includes:

>E.2.1 (7/4) it shall not contain a library-level declaration of an access type 
>that designates a class-wide type, nor a type with a part that is of a task 
>type or {of a} protected type with entry_declarations;

I've been removing those redundant "of a" when I can, I view it as just noise. 
Moreover, in this case, it would make a reading of "of a task type" or "of a 
protected type with entry_declarations" plausible (which is wrong!). If I was
going to make any change here at all, I'd drop the "type" after "task", so it
would read ("of a task or protected type with entry declarations".

Ugh: after looking at the pre-change sentence, it's obvious that the "wrong" 
reading is actually the one intended. But then just adding "of a" doesn't 
seem to be enough -- it makes the intended wording plausible, but does little 
to make it clear. (The original wording had a comma which made it a lot 
clearer as to the intended grouping.)

Since this wording is from the Corrigendum, we have to put it on the agenda 
in any case.


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