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!standard 13.13.1(0)          19-02-15 AI12-0314-1/01
!class Amendment 19-02-15
!status Amendment 1-2012 19-02-15
!status ARG Approved 10-0-0 19-02-26
!status work item 19-02-15
!status received 19-02-07
!priority Low
!difficulty Easy
!subject Title of 13.13.1
Rename 13.13.1 "The Streams Subsystem".
13.13.1 is titled "The Package Streams".
However, there are now a number of child packages in this subclause as well as Ada.Streams. The title should be generalized.
(See Summary.)
Change the title of 13.13.1 to "The Streams Subsystem".
!corrigendum 13.13.1(0)
Replace the paragraph:
The Package Streams
The Streams Subsystem
[Not sure. It seems like some new capabilities might be needed, but I didn't check - Editor.]
!ACATS test
ACATS B- and C-Tests are needed to check that the new capabilities are supported.

From: Randy Brukardt
Sent: Thursday, February  7, 2019  6:21 PM

13.13.1 is titled "The Package Streams". 

AI12-0293-1 added a bunch of children to this subclause
(Ada.Streams.FIFO_Streams, etc.).

I was looking for those children to answer a question on comp.lang.ada, and 
skipped right by this clause because of the title. Perhaps we should change 
the title to something a bit more generic?

    "The Package Streams and children thereof" (ugh!)

    "The Packages Streams and Streams.FIFO_Streams" (which still ignores the 
          actual FIFO stream children).

We don't generally do this (put a lot of packages together in a single 
clause), so I can't find a precedent for it.



From: Steve Baird
Sent: Thursday, February  7, 2019  6:45 PM

10.1 says:
  A root library unit, together with its children and grandchildren and
  so on, form a subsystem.

That suggests either "The Streams subsystem" or "The subsystem Streams".


From: Tucker Taft
Sent: Thursday, February  7, 2019  8:39 PM

I like it, but we definitely want to capitalize all of the words in the title.

I would prefer, I think, "The Streams Subsystem"


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