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!standard 0.3(57.21/3)          19-02-07 AI12-0313-1/00
!class presentation 19-02-07
!status work item 19-02-07
!status received 19-02-07
!priority Low
!difficulty Easy
!subject Introduction for Ada 2020
A Language Changes section for Ada 2020 is added, and the Design Goals and Language Summary are updated for Ada 2020.
The Language Changes section in the Introduction is for Ada 2012. It needs to be replaced, right? (Hell Yes.)
[Editor's note: Fix the non-standard response here before approving. :-)]
Similarly, the Design Goals and Language Summary in the Introduction should be updated, right?
(See Summary.)
Delete Introduction (57.1/3-57.22/3).
Insert after Introduction (57.22/3):
This International Standard replaces the third edition of 2012. It modifies the previous edition by making changes and additions that improve the capability of the language and the reliability of programs written in the language.
** Rest TBD.
Areas that probably ought to be covered (some things are in multiple categories):
* Parallel constructs (loops, blocks, reductions)
* Improved aggregates (delta aggregates, container aggregates, iterators in aggregates)
* Increased abstraction (user-defined literals, user-defined image,
static expression functions, reductions)
* Additional contracts (default-initial-condition, nonblocking,
global, stable-properties)
* Additional static error detection (conflict check policies, nonblocking, global)
* Additional expressiveness for expressions (declare expression, reductions)
* Improved readability (target symbol, null/single element aggregate notation [brackets!],
simplified object renames)
* Real-time improvements (aspect Yield, new EDF, queue length control, profile Yorvik)
* other (object_size, Enum_Rep/Enum_Val)
** Rest TBD.
None needed.
!ACATS test
No ACATS tests needed.


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