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!standard 8.5.1(2/3)          18-05-10 AI12-0275-1/00
!class Amendment 18-05-10
!status work item 18-05-10
!status received 17-10-15
!priority Low
!difficulty Easy
!subject Make subtype_mark optional in object renames
Make the subtype_mark optional in an object renames.
** TBD. Based on discussion of AI12-0236-1 during ARG meeting #58.
(See Summary.)
** TBD.
** TBD.
Probably one doesn't want to make the access_definition optional; it's a new type and we don't want to be declaring types implicitly.
[Not sure. It might be necessary to remove/make optional access to the subtype name of a renaming. - Editor.]
!ACATS test
ACATS B- and C-Tests are needed to check that the new capability is supported.


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