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+From: Randy Brukardt
+Sent: Thursday, February 1, 2018  12:21 AM
+During the discussion of AI12-0254-1, Jean-Pierre complained that "Bounded"
+has a different meaning for a Bounded_Indefinite_Container. The minutes say:
+Jean-Pierre notes that "Bounded" is somewhat a misnomer. For most Bounded
+containers the bound is on the number of elements; for the
+Bounded_Indefinite_Container, the bound is on the size of an individual
+However, the introduction of the Bounded_Vector container says:
+The language-defined generic package Containers.Bounded_Vectors provides a
+private type Vector and a set of operations. It provides the same operations
+as the package Containers.Vectors (see A.18.2), with the difference that the
+maximum storage is bounded.
+Ergo, "bounded" in the Standard sense means that the storage is bounded, and
+clearly it means the same thing for the Bounded_Indefinite_Container. The
+mechanism to accomplish that bounding is different, but the goal is the same.
+(And if there was a Bounded_Indefinite_Vector, it would use both techniques
+for bounding. Aside: A Bounded_Indefinite_Vector probably would be the fastest
+implementation of a vector for Janus/Ada's code shared generics, presuming
+"canonical" implementations of all of the containers -- it would slightly beat
+Indefinite_Vector by having faster allocations than the regular heap -- and it
+would clobber the other implementations, which have to use implicit heap
+allocation for each component. End aside.)

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