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!standard 13.11(5)          18-10-18 AI12-0235-1/03
!class Amendment 17-06-09
!status work item 17-06-09
!status received 17-06-09
!priority Low
!difficulty Easy
!subject System.Storage_Pools should be pure
System.Storage_Pools is declared pure, rather than merely preelaborated.
It is not possible to define a storage pool in a Pure package as System.Storage_Pools is preelaborated rather than pure. This prevents defining a shared pool type for use in the distributed program. (Note that, due to the prohibition on variables in distributed packages, a pool cannot itself be shared across partitions).
(See Summary.)
Replace 13.11(5) with:
with Ada.Finalization; with System.Storage_Elements; package System.Storage_Pools with Pure, Nonblocking => False is
When Ada 95 was designed, neither Ada.Finalization nor System was declared Pure, so it would have been impossible to declare this package Pure then. Nor were access types allowed.
Thus, there is no obvious reason (other than possibly breaking existing implementations) that System.Storage_Pools cannot be Pure. We considered also making the Storage_Pools.Subpools package pure, but felt there was less benefit there, and more likelihood of affecting existing implementations.
Note that we do not remove the aspect "with Preelaborable_Initialization" in 13.11(6/2), as the default initialization might still call a pure, but non-static function, which is not permitted during initialization of a preelaborated package.
This package is Nonblocking => False, as it declares abstract operations that are intended to be overridden. Such operations inherit nonblocking from their ancestor operations, and thus would be incompatible with existing code if set to True (that would prevent the use of potentially blocking operations like I/O, delays, and entry calls in these routines, all of which are allowed in Ada 95, Ada 2005, and Ada 2012). We didn't have to say that for a preelaborable package, as that is the default, but we do have to say it for a Pure package, which defaults to nonblocking.
Note that being declared pure seems to promise distribution that isn't actually possible, though we clarify that in the !problem of the AI.
No ASIS effect.
!ACATS test
An ACATS C-Test is needed to check that the new capabilities are supported.

!topic Storage-pools in distributed systems.
!reference Ada 202x RM13.11(5); RM13.11.4(3/3)
!from Edward Fish 17-05-21
!keywords DSA, storage-pools, purity

In the DSA (Annex E) there are references to accesses across partitions as well
as the categorization of library-units (E.2(6/3-6.5/3)); however the
package-interface defined in RM13.11 for System.Storage_Pools is Preelaborate
as is the Subpools child-package in 13.11.4. Nothing in those packages prevents
the contents from being declared pure and it may be advantageous to allow for
pools/subpools to be defined in pure units so that subpools may be defined for
every partition in the distributed program.

(Though it is admitted that you cannot create a pool/subpool in a pure unit,
due to the restriction on state, that is quite different than merely defining
the pool or subpool type.)


From: Tucker Taft
Sent: Tuesday, May 23, 2017  10:05 AM

I would agree that it would make sense to shift the categorization of both of
these packages from Preelaborate to Pure.  At one point Finalization was not
declared Pure, but that was changed.  Similarly, access types were not
permitted in Pure packages at one point, but now they are so long as they have
a storage size of zero, so I think both of these packages now can qualify as


From: Randy Brukardt
Sent: Thursday, November 30, 2017  6:50 PM

Here's a note for the author of AI12-0235-1 (that would be Tucker):

In Ada 2020, changing a package from Preelaborate to Pure potentially has more
consequences than just the categorization change, since the values of contract
aspects are specified differently for Pure packages by default.

For instance, changing:

package System.Storage_Pools is
    pragma Preelaborate (Storage_Pools);


package System.Storage_Pools with Pure is

is actually the same as:

package System.Storage_Pools with Pure, Nonblocking is

But this latter would be wildly incompatible, as all existing overridings of
Allocate/Deallocate would have to be changed to be Nonblocking. (One cannot
override a Nonblocking => True subprogram with a Nonblocking => False, lest a
dispatching call violate the declaration's promise.) You actually need to
explicitly declare:

package System.Storage_Pools with Pure, Nonblocking => False is

in order to avoid any compatibility problem. (Note that AI12-0064-2 only
changes library units that require a change currently, which does not include
Storage_Pools, since Nonblocking defaults to False -- which is what we want --
for non-pure library units.)

I believe there is a similar issue for Global (or will be when it is finished),
since it defaults to Global => null for pure units and thus the root primitive


From: Tucker Taft
Sent: Wednesday, October 17, 2018  2:07 PM

Here is an update to AI12-0235, making System.Storage_Pools pure.  I left put
Subpools, due to some concerns with implementation impact.


From: Randy Brukardt
Sent: Wednesday, October 17, 2018  5:48 PM

Thanks. You didn't address the "note for the author of AI12-0235-1" (see my
e-mail of November 30th, 2017 in the !appendix).

Specifically, A pure package has a default of Nonblocking => True, while a
preelaborable package has a default of Nonblocking => False. It would be
incompatible for the operations declared in this package (or any existing
package which is a root type) to be Nonblocking => True, as that would force all
overridings to be Nonblocking => True (which of course would make delays, entry
calls, and the like illegal in those overridings). [Important point: remember
the reverse isn't true, so an overrider can and should declare their routines
Nonblocking => True if that's possible.]

So the existing paragraph:

with Ada.Finalization;
with System.Storage_Elements;
package System.Storage_Pools is
    pragma Preelaborate(System.Storage_Pools);

should be replaced by:

with Ada.Finalization;
with System.Storage_Elements;
package System.Storage_Pools
   with Pure, Nonblocking => False is

to be compatible and consistent with other similar units (like

I've made an update of the AI with this correction.

P.S. Recall that I got John's blessing to use the aspect form in Ada 2020.


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