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Differences between 1.3 and version 1.4
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--- ai12s/ai12-0226-1.txt	2018/07/11 20:49:40	1.3
+++ ai12s/ai12-0226-1.txt	2018/09/05 21:28:46	1.4
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-!standard 3.3(11.1/3)                                  18-06-10  AI12-0226-1/03
+!standard 3.3(11.1/3)                                  18-08-31  AI12-0226-1/04
 !standard 3.3(21.1/3)
 !standard 3.3(23.8/5)
 !standard 4.6(58.1/4)
@@ -33,7 +33,8 @@
-(See Summary.)
+A value conversion of an object is now defined to be an object and thus can be 
+used in contexts that require an object.
@@ -90,9 +91,13 @@
 only when it is required, as is typically done for the result object of
 predefined operators.
+This change makes Ren3 in the original problem legal:
+    Ren3 : Natural renames Natural(Max); -- Now legal.
 We made value conversions consistent with qualified expressions in the wording
 above, but we could have made them consistent with function calls instead.
-The wording differences are minimal (drop "new value," and the associated
+The wording differences are minimal (drop "of an object" and the associated
 AARM discussion from 4.6(58.1/4), and put "value conversion" with function
 call rather than qualified expression in 3.3 [two places]). The difference can
 be seen when renaming uses of named numbers:

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