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@@ -2974,3 +2974,28 @@
 Thank you for the thorough feedback
+From: Raphael Amiard
+Sent: Monday, June 12, 2016  4:10 AM
+>            AI12-0197-3 (with help from Steve Baird)
+As mentioned in a previous mail, I have been thinking a bit about generators
+and the bigger picture.
+I think generators/coroutines would fit better as a language defined library unit.
+If we sum up the current state of the discussion:
+1. The standardization effort would be very substantial
+2. A lot of people in the ARG are not convinced that the feature is interesting
+   enough to warrant inclusion as a language feature
+3. The only benefit that a language level solution has on a library is the
+   amount of boilerplate you have to declare a generator
+4. 3 could probably be alleviated by orthogonal and more generally useful
+   improvements to the language
+I will hence write another proposal, for generators as a library, and withdraw
+this one, if that's OK with everyone of course.

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