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 waste of time.
+From: Robert Dewar
+Sent: Tuesday, February  3, 2015  5:52 PM
+> The only thing about me here is the "95%", which is an approximation 
+> of the criteria that I would use for determining what I think should 
+> be (or not be) a suppressible error. If one doesn't have a criteria, 
+> then it just becomes random selection, and that would be a terrible way to
+> do language design.
+Ah, sorry for misunderstanding, I agree with the 95% though that figure might
+be a bit high for my taste, but the balance between missing stuff and false
+positives is always delicate.
+I thought you were saying that redefining Standard met the 95% criterion, and
+that is what I was disagreeing with!
+> I'd guess that you'd have trouble getting consensus on this being a 
+> suppressible error, given that when I raised this issue years ago I 
+> was told that it is an important loophole into making Pure units 
+> usable in practice (such as debugging them).
+When you raised the issue years ago, we only had the choices of allowing it or
+making it a real error. Now that we have the idea of suppressible error, the
+discussion might be difference
+> If all we're going to do is argue about what errors should be 
+> suppressible, and then confuse them with warnings, the whole idea 
+> starts to look like a waste of time.
+Speaking of which, to me a suppressible error is exactly a warning. I don't
+like the term suppressible error for two reasons:
+a) it implies that the construct is always an error, whereas in practice I
+   think you will often have a situation where 95% of usages are likely
+   errors, but the remaining 5% are deliberate and OK!
+b) it implies that the possibilities are to consider it an error or to
+   suppress the message completely. To me, almost always the best treatment
+   of a suppressible error will be to give a warning.
+But the term chosen makes no difference anyway. What we would do in GNAT is
+probably have a special category of warning messages and as usual, you can
+enable these warnings, make them errors, or suppress them completely.

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