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--- ai12s/ai12-0079-1.txt	2018/03/02 03:17:33	1.16
+++ ai12s/ai12-0079-1.txt	2018/03/30 07:55:07	1.17
@@ -2916,4 +2916,35 @@
 those don't display properly in Notepad; I then know to clean them before
+From: Tucker Taft
+Sent: Friday, March  9, 2018  8:06 AM
+This version [He's talking about version /06 - ED] included a paragraph about
+when the declaration of a library unit is frozen:
+Modify 13.14(3/5):
+  The end of a declarative_part, protected_body, or a declaration of a
+  library package or generic library package, causes freezing of each
+  entity and profile declared within it{, as well as the entity itself
+  in the case of the declaration of a library unit}.  
+It did not cover (generic) library subprograms, but we probably care about 
+those as well.  For them, we may want to say the end of the *compilation*
+unit, so as to include any of the "trailing" pragmas (such as pragma Inline).
+Trailing pragmas are clearly part of the compilation unit, whereas it is a bit
+less clear whether they are part of the declaration.
+Hence, to define when the declaration of a library subprogram is frozen, we 
+could leave the above paragraph as is, and add:
+  The end of a compilation unit containing the declaration of a library unit
+  (including any pragmas that apply to it) causes freezing of the library
+  unit.
+Where the part about the pragmas is probably redundant, but perhaps doesn't
+hurt to include.

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