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+From: Randy Brukardt
+Sent: Friday, February 17, 2017  3:01 PM
+Attached find the result of Tucker and my homework on this AI [This is version
+/10 of the AI - Editor]. There is a lengthy list of changes from the version
+seen at the last meeting at the beginning of the AI.
+A number of big points:
+ * The aspect is now an expression rather than a static value, as it can't
+   (and shouldn't) be static inside of generics. Rules make it static for
+   entities outside of any generic including those in instances.
+ * The above makes the assume-the-worst/assume-the-best rules are a lot more
+   complicated (since they have to involve matching of expressions rather than
+   simple values); this however has the effect of detecting most errors in the
+   definition of a generic unit when the unit is compiled as opposed to doing
+   so when it is instantiated (or worse, never).
+ * The aspect is allowed on types in order to control the blocking of
+   predefined composite operators (which compose potentially including
+   user-defined routines that might block). It had to be allowed on all types
+   so that private types (which are formally composite) can be completed with
+   elementary types. Note that predefined elementary operators are always
+   nonblocking - the aspect of an elementary type has no effect at the moment.
+ * I moved all of the Legality Rules to a separate Legality Rules section
+   because the aspect definition was getting way too large.
+Many of these rules are necessary to cover Bairdian cases that might happen
+(mismatching formal aspects, for instance). I think I've covered all of the
+areas that need rules, but of course the Master of Bairdian cases hasn't
+reviewed this draft yet, so I wouldn't be surprised if new issues emerge.
+As always, any comments are welcome.

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