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-!standard A.18.18(47/3)                              12-06-08    AI12-0035-1/01
+!standard A.18.18(47/3)                              12-12-02    AI12-0035-1/02
 !class binding interpretation 12-06-08
 !status work item 12-06-08
 !status received 12-06-07
@@ -7,7 +7,10 @@
 !subject Accessibility checks for indefinite elements of containers
+Certain operations of instances of the indefinite container packages require
+accessibility checks to prevent dangling references. This is specified in terms
+of the checks that would be required for executing an initialized allocator for
+an access type associated with the instance.
@@ -27,21 +30,120 @@
-** TBD.
+See summary.
-** TBD.
+Add at the end of A.18:
+Certain subprograms declared within instances of some of the generic packages
+presented in this clause are said to "require indefinite allocation". These
+subprograms are those corresponding (in the sense of the copying described in
+section 12.3) to the following subprograms that have formal parameters of a
+generic formal indefinite type:
+    Containers.Indefinite_Doubly_Linked_Lists.Append
+    Containers.Indefinite_Doubly_Linked_Lists.Insert
+    Containers.Indefinite_Doubly_Linked_Lists.Prepend
+    Containers.Indefinite_Doubly_Linked_Lists.Replace_Element
+    Containers.Indefinite_Hashed_Maps.Include
+    Containers.Indefinite_Hashed_Maps.Insert
+    Containers.Indefinite_Hashed_Maps.Replace
+    Containers.Indefinite_Hashed_Maps.Replace_Element
+    Containers.Indefinite_Hashed_Sets.Insert
+    Containers.Indefinite_Hashed_Sets.Include
+    Containers.Indefinite_Hashed_Sets.Replace
+    Containers.Indefinite_Hashed_Sets.Replace_Element
+    Containers.Indefinite_Hashed_Sets.To_Set
+    Containers.Indefinite_Hashed_Sets.Generic_Keys.Replace
+    Containers.Indefinite_Multiway_Trees.Append_Child
+    Containers.Indefinite_Multiway_Trees.Insert_Child
+    Containers.Indefinite_Multiway_Trees.Prepend_Child
+    Containers.Indefinite_Multiway_Trees.Replace_Element
+    Containers.Indefinite_Ordered_Maps.Include
+    Containers.Indefinite_Ordered_Maps.Insert
+    Containers.Indefinite_Ordered_Maps.Replace
+    Containers.Indefinite_Ordered_Maps.Replace_Element
+    Containers.Indefinite_Ordered_Multisets.Insert
+    Containers.Indefinite_Ordered_Multisets.Replace_Element
+    Containers.Indefinite_Ordered_Multisets.To_Set
+    Containers.Indefinite_Ordered_Sets.Include
+    Containers.Indefinite_Ordered_Sets.Insert
+    Containers.Indefinite_Ordered_Sets.Replace
+    Containers.Indefinite_Ordered_Sets.Replace_Element
+    Containers.Indefinite_Ordered_Sets.To_Set
+    Containers.Indefinite_Ordered_Sets.Generic_Keys.Replace
+    Containers.Indefinite_Holders.Replace_Element
+    Containers.Indefinite_Holders.To_Holder
+    Containers.Indefinite_Vectors."&"
+    Containers.Indefinite_Vectors.Append
+    Containers.Indefinite_Vectors.Insert
+    Containers.Indefinite_Vectors.Prepend
+    Containers.Indefinite_Vectors.Replace_Element
+    Containers.Indefinite_Vectors.To_Vector
+If a subprogram requires indefinite allocation, then certain run-time checks are
+performed as part of a call to the subprogram; if any of these checks fail, then
+the resulting exception is propagated to the caller and no container is modified
+by the call. These checks are performed for each parameter corresponding (in the
+sense of the copying described in 12.3) to a parameter in the corresponding
+generic whose type is a generic formal indefinite type. The checks performed for
+a given parameter are those checks explicitly specified in section 4.8 that
+would be performed as part of the evaluation of an initialized allocator whose
+access type is declared immediately within the instance, where:
+   - the initial value is the value of the parameter; and
+   - the designated subtype of the access type is the subtype of the
+     parameter; and
+   - finalization of the collection of the access type has started if and
+     only if the finalization of the instance has started.
+[Question: Do we need to worry about accessibility checks on container stream
+input in this AI?] [Editor's comment: This sounds suspiciously Bairdian. ;-)]
+AARM note:
+   The phrase "explicitly specified" means those checks for which section 4.8
+   includes the phrase "<some exception> is raised if ...". It does not refer,
+   for example, to any checks performed as part of any subtype conversion.
+   In particular, this wording includes the checks described in section 4.8
+   to be performed in the case of a class-wide designated type, and of a
+   designated subtype that has access discriminant parts. These checks are
+   needed to prevent containers from outliving their contained (Element_Type
+   or Key_Type) values.
+   We are doing two things here. We are *requiring* checks needed to
+   prevent dangling references. As a side effect, we are also *allowing*
+   checks needed to permit an implementation of a container generic to
+   make use of access types in a straightforward way. Following that second
+   path, suppose that an implementation does declare such an access type and
+   suppose further that the access type's collection's finalization has
+   started. We want to allow Program_Error to be propagated in this case
+   (as specified in 4.8(10.2/2,11.1/2)).
-We want to be able to write the implementation of containers packages in
-Ada, and we expect the implementation to use allocators. As such, it would
-be odd if some of the reasons that those allocators could fail were not
-relected in the specification.
+Randy wrote the following as background for this AI:
-A grocery list of considerations for this solution.
+We want to be able to write the implementation of containers packages in Ada,
+and we expect the implementation to use allocators. As such, it would be odd if
+some of the reasons that those allocators could fail were not relected in the
+A grocery list of considerations for this solution:
 (1) The problem occurs for any indefinite container, and occurs anytime an
     element is created in a container. That is not just Replace_Element but also
     Insert_Element and Append_Element (and possibly others, I didn't check
@@ -84,6 +186,28 @@
     at all clear how it could be written in order to ensure that the right
     routines are covered and not any others.
+The checks are only required on certain operations declared within certain
+instances of the indefinite containers. Specifically, they're needed when the
+actual types for the indefinite formal types (the Element_Type and Key_Type
+types) are class-wide types or indefinite subtypes with access discriminants,
+and for the operations that have parameters of those actual types that create
+and initialize container elements using those parameters. Those are the cases
+where dangling references could potentially be created, and are precisely the
+cases where an implementation that uses access types and allocators would
+naturally apply the accessibility checks required for allocators in section 4.8.
+Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a simple way to characterize the set of
+operations (for example, it's a different set in each indefinite container),
+which is why we have given a list of them. An alternative would be to add
+wording to each such operation in its respective section, but that still
+requires identifying them, and would seem to add unnecessary verbiage.
+Of course, the downside of specifically identifying the operations is that when
+any new such operations are added, the list will need to be updated to include
 Here's an example of how such violations can occur for instantiations of
@@ -409,5 +533,16 @@
 So this looks difficult but necessary (and I'm not going to try to come up with
 wording before the meeting).
+From: Gary Dismukes
+Sent: Monday, December 3, 2012  12:53 AM
+This AI was worked on jointly by Steve and me, and addresses the issue of
+specifying that accessiblity checks get done for certain operations of
+indefinite containers.
+[Followed by version /02 of the AI - Editor.]

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