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--- ai12s/ai12-0022-1.txt	2012/12/18 06:51:00	1.7
+++ ai12s/ai12-0022-1.txt	2013/01/04 04:38:04	1.8
@@ -227,6 +227,23 @@
 Thus the selected alternative seems clearly to be the best option.
+This AI is classified as a Binding Interpretation in order that it can be implemented in
+and considered part of Ada 2012. We believe that writing preconditions and predicates
+without this facility would be a significant limitation when applied to existing
+packages (whether language-defined, implementation-defined, 3rd-party-defined, or
+user-defined) -- as changing the exception raised for some error changes the interface
+of a routine.
+We do not intend this to set a precedent in the sense that additions (especially
+additions to syntax) should generally be considered only for future versions of Ada.
+We believe this is different in that it was considered an important facility for
+Ada 2012; it was removed from AI05-0290-1 only because the solutions considered
+didn't have sufficient maturity to include. Early practice using Ada 2012 has only
+reinforced the importance of this feature in writing preconditions and predicates;
+now that the feature is mature, we want it available in Ada 2012 compilers.
 !corrigendum 4.4(3/3)

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