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--- ai12s/ai12-0005-1.txt	2020/05/02 03:43:11	1.36
+++ ai12s/ai12-0005-1.txt	2020/08/28 03:25:50	1.37
@@ -2061,7 +2061,60 @@
-Editor's note (April 29, 2020): All of the items above this
+topic Empty pragraph scrambles HTML
+!reference Ada 202x AARM 2.2(3.a/2)
+!from Christoph Grein 20-06-22
+In draft 22 PDF version (annotated RM), there is an empty paragraph 3.a/2.
+In the HTML version draft 25, this paragraph is overwritten by the next 
+para 4/2, making the number an unreadable mess.
+I guess the culprit is the empty 
+<div class="Annotations"></div>
+section, which does not produce a new line.
+Best just remove 3.a/2
+This is already in the Ada 2012 TC1 AARM HTML version.
+From: Randy Brukardt
+Sent: Friday, July  3, 2020  10:39 PM
+This paragraph is already marked as deleted (as you can see in the "all 
+changes" version), so that's not the answer.
+(After 3 hours of debugging and reorganizing...) As I suspected, there is 
+a bug in the formatting tool. The code to determine whether or not to show 
+a paragraph number and other start information depends (of course) on the 
+formatting mode. But it doesn't (for the most part) take into account the 
+possibility of not showing old deletions in the Show_Changes mode. The AARM 
+is generated in that mode in order to only show changes from Ada 2012. There
+was a routine to do that properly, but it was only called when there are no 
+paragraph numbers (this suggests that I fixed this problem for RR's 
+documentation but never noticed that the same problem would occur for the 
+There is about 200 paragraphs in the AARM affected. I'm surprised that you 
+didn't complain about the mess of overlapping and reference-only paragraphs 
+in 4.6, for instance. That was a way worse mess than the single paragraph 
+in 2.2.
+This change does eliminate the references to old deleted paragraphs, but 
+given that this AARM version is supposed to be showing changes from Ada 2012, 
+deletions that occurred in Ada 2005 and the Ada 95 Corrigendum aren't really 
+relevant. Argubly, all of the references to older AIs should be suppressed, 
+but that would require having the tool know the correspondence between 
+versions and AIs.
+In any case, this should all look much better in draft 26.
+Editor's note (July 4, 2020): All of the items above this
 marker have been included in the working version of the AARM.

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