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--- ai12s/ai12-0005-1.txt	2020/03/23 03:44:52	1.35
+++ ai12s/ai12-0005-1.txt	2020/05/02 03:43:11	1.36
@@ -2042,8 +2042,26 @@
+Note from ARG Meeting #62C.
-Editor's note (March 22, 2020): All of the items above this
+The list of representation aspects found from AARM 13.1(8.f-8.kk) is 
+incomplete. That's in part because the list is of "representation items" 
+rather than "representation aspects", and an aspect_specification is NOT
+a representation item. Thus, representation aspects that are not 
+specifiable with a representation item (like Default_Value) are not in 
+this list.
+In addition, the Annex D representation items are missing. Note that this
+list, unlike the rest of the AARM, includes all of the obsolescent
+representation items (presumably to make a more complete list).
+This is helpful that we'd like, so we add the missing items to the
+main lists, and add the remaining aspects to yet another set of
+Editor's note (April 29, 2020): All of the items above this
 marker have been included in the working version of the AARM.

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