CVS difference for ai12s/ai12-0005-1.txt

Differences between 1.19 and version 1.20
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--- ai12s/ai12-0005-1.txt	2016/04/12 04:48:38	1.19
+++ ai12s/ai12-0005-1.txt	2016/08/20 00:11:46	1.20
@@ -875,7 +875,35 @@
-Editor's note (March 31, 2016): All of the items above this
+!topic Undeleted deleted paragraph
+!reference Ada 2012 TC1 RM 3.3.1(19/2)
+!from Christoph Grein 16-07-15
+In the Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) with changes from Ada 95 highlighted version, the
+para indicated above (on page 66) is not crossed out.
+The online HTML version (without highlighted changes) is OK.
+I haven't checked the other versions.
+From: Randy Brukardt
+Sent: Thursday, July 21, 2016  6:05 PM
+Must be a tools bug. It appears in that version, and *only* that version,
+going back at least to the Ada 2005 RM. (All of the other RM formats and all
+of the AARM formats I checked are OK.) At least that is always an unofficial
+version; the critical version is RM-Final, and it is OK.
+Until it can be fixed, I suggest crossing the paragraph out with a pen on your
+printed copy, and using a different electronic version.
+Editor's note (August 31, 2016): All of the items above this
 marker have been included in the working version of the AARM.

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