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Differences between 1.13 and version 1.14
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--- ai12s/ai12-0003-1.txt	2015/01/28 00:21:33	1.13
+++ ai12s/ai12-0003-1.txt	2015/01/29 03:52:23	1.14
@@ -1,10 +1,10 @@
-!standard 8.2(11)                                   15-01-27    AI12-0003-1/07
+!standard 8.2(11)                                   15-01-28    AI12-0003-1/08
 !standard 13.11.3(3.1/3)
 !standard 13.11.3(4.1/3)
 !standard 13.11.3(4.2/3)
 !standard 13.11.3(5/3)
-!standard 13.11.3(6.1/3)
 !standard 13.11.3(6.2/3)
+!standard 13.11.3(6.3/3)
 !class Amendment 11-06-19
 !status work item 11-06-19
 !status received 11-03-21
@@ -69,25 +69,14 @@
 <<< AI Note: the wording carefully ties into 13.11, so that it works for
 instances. >>>>
-   A direct_name shall not be a homograph of the name of package Standard if it
-   denotes a declaration other than package Standard that has use-visibility at
-   the place of a Default_Storage_Pool pragma that defines the default pool to
-   be Standard.
-   AARM Reason: Any use of an identifier with the name Standard resprensenting
-   anything other than the package Standard would be confusing in a compilation
-   unit with Standard specified as the default storage pool. Such a choice for
-   an identifier is not recommended and very unlikely to occur, so a simple rule
-   was chosen to prevent such confusion.  [Author's note: An attempt to fix the
-   wording in the very unlikely chance that we decide to keep this paragraph.
-   Otherwise, please delete the text marked by %%%]
-End %%%
 Add after 13.11.3(4.2/3):
    The Standard storage_pool_indicator is an identifier specific to a
-   pragma (see 2.8) and does not denote any declaration.
+   pragma (see 2.8) and does not denote any declaration. If the
+   storage_pool_indicator is Standard, then there shall not be a
+   declaration with defining identifier Standard that is immediately
+   visible at the point of the pragma, other than package Standard
+   itself.
 AARM Ramification: The standard storage pool is not an object of the
    Standard package and is not restricted to having
@@ -112,27 +101,17 @@
    aspect overrides any Default_Storage_Pool pragma that might apply to the
    generic unit; if the aspect is not specified, the default pool of the
    instance is that defined for the generic unit.
+Modify 13.11.3(6.2/3):
-Add after 13.11.3(6.1/3):
+   If the default pool is {neither} [non]null {nor Standard}, the Storage_Pool
+   attribute is that pool.
-   If the default pool is Standard, the implementation chooses a standard
-   storage pool for the Storage_Pool attribute in an implementation-defined
-   manner.
-[Editor's note: This bullet is redundant with the "Otherwise" bullet,
-   13.11.3(6.3/3). If we keep it, it needs a cross reference to 13.11,
-   else the above is just confusing. I'd suggest changing 13.11.3(6.3/3) as
-   follows and drop the above bullet:
+Modify 13.11.3(6.3/3):
    Otherwise {(including when the default pool is specified as Standard)}[,
    there is no default pool;] the standard storage pool is used for the type as
    described in 13.11.
-Modify 13.11.3(6.2/3):
-   If the default pool is {neither} [non]null {nor Standard}, the Storage_Pool
-   attribute is that pool.

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