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Differences between 1.9 and version 1.10
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--- ai05s/ai05-0246-1.txt	2011/11/01 05:32:53	1.9
+++ ai05s/ai05-0246-1.txt	2012/01/05 06:19:33	1.10
@@ -203,24 +203,24 @@
 execution of a partition to which the restriction applies, provided
 that every execution of the partition would violate the restriction.
 @xindent<The form of a @fa<pragma> Profile is as follows:>
 @xindent<@b<pragma> Profile (@i<profile_>@fa<identifier> {, @i<profile_>@fa<pragma_argument_association>});>
-@i<@s8<Legality Rules>>
+@s8<@i<Legality Rules>>
 The @i<profile_>@fa<identifier> shall be the name of a usage profile.
 The semantics of any @i<profile_>@fa<pragma_argument_association>s are
 defined by the usage profile specified by the @i<profile_>@fa<identifier>.
-@i<@s8<Static Semantics>>
+@s8<@i<Static Semantics>>
 A profile is equivalent to the set of configuration pragmas that is
 defined for each usage profile.
-@i<@s8<Post-Compilation Rules>>
+@s8<@i<Post-Compilation Rules>>
 A @fa<pragma> Profile is a configuration pragma. There may be more than one
 @fa<pragma> Profile for a partition.
@@ -269,7 +269,7 @@
 No compilation unit included in the partition shall depend semantically
 on the library unit identified by the @fa<name>.
-@i<@s8<Static Semantics>>
+@s8<@i<Static Semantics>>
 The following @i<profile_>@fa<identifier> is language defined:

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