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Differences between 1.13 and version 1.14
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--- ai05s/ai05-0229-1.txt	2011/04/02 06:05:22	1.13
+++ ai05s/ai05-0229-1.txt	2011/04/02 07:30:36	1.14
@@ -28,8 +28,8 @@
-Replace the fourth paragraph from the end of the Static Semantics
-in AI05-0183-1/09 (13.3.1(30/3) in draft 11.5):
+Replace the sixth paragraph from the end of the Static Semantics
+in AI05-0183-1/11 (13.3.1(30/3) in draft 11.5):
 All specifiable operational and representation attributes may be
 specified with an aspect_specification instead of an
@@ -641,7 +641,7 @@
 the AI05-0183-1 statement that there are none is a lie. Gotta fix it.]
 Replace the penultimate paragraph in Static
-Semantics for AI05-0183-1/09 [13.3.1(32/3) in draft 11.5]:
+Semantics for AI05-0183-1/11 [13.3.1(33/3) in draft 11.5]:
 There are no language-defined aspects that may be specified on a renaming_declaration
 and only Preelaboration_Initialization (see 10.2.1) can be specified on a

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