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Reading version of 1.9
Modified 2012/03/27 01:55:20 by randy with line changes +5 -0
CVS Tags: HEAD, AI121212
Differences from 1.8
Added !ASIS sections to reflect ASIS reviews completed before the termination of work on ASIS.

Reading version of 1.8
Modified 2011/08/17 00:24:12 by randy with line changes +79 -0
CVS Tags: AI120320, AI120218, AI111101
Differences from 1.7
Various editorial changes.

Reading version of 1.7
Modified 2011/05/06 04:55:44 by randy with line changes +50 -5
CVS Tags: AI110620
Differences from 1.6
Editorial changes and added !corrigendum sections.

Reading version of 1.6
Modified 2011/04/12 00:07:24 by randy with line changes +1 -1
Differences from 1.5
Fixed date on status line.

Reading version of 1.5
Modified 2011/03/12 07:36:48 by randy with line changes +14 -12
Differences from 1.4
Updated with changes from ARG meeting #43.

Reading version of 1.4
Modified 2011/01/28 02:29:50 by randy with line changes +18 -20
CVS Tags: AI110215
Differences from 1.3
Made spelling corrections as noted by Tucker and a few minor corrections. (I verified the behavior of dotless i is different for the upper case mapping and for simple case folding.)

Reading version of 1.3
Modified 2011/01/27 06:06:17 by randy with line changes +117 -4
Differences from 1.2
Filed various e-mail.

Reading version of 1.2
Modified 2011/01/23 06:45:36 by randy with line changes +206 -52
Differences from 1.1
Updated AI with wording and discussion based on ARG meeting #42.

Reading version of 1.1
Modified 2010/10/22 04:40:01 by randy
CVS Tags: AI101025]
Created AI from ARG mail.

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