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--- ai05s/ai05-0223-1.txt	2010/10/26 05:39:47	1.2
+++ ai05s/ai05-0223-1.txt	2010/11/18 23:13:51	1.3
@@ -1,6 +1,8 @@
-!standard  A.4.7(28)                             10-10-20    AI05-0223-1/01
+!standard  A.4.7(28)                             10-11-18    AI05-0223-1/02
 !standard  A.4.8(28/2)
 !class binding interpretation 10-10-20
+!status Amendment 2012 10-11-18
+!status ARG Approved  6-0-3  10-10-30
 !status work item 10-10-20
 !status received 10-03-25
 !priority Low
@@ -37,8 +39,30 @@
 implementation of the types. At least one major Ada implementation uses
 controlled types for these types, so they should "need finalization".
+!corrigendum A.4.7(28)
+The context clause for each of the packages Strings.Wide_Fixed, Strings.Wide_Bounded,
+and Strings.Wide_Unbounded identifies Strings.Wide_Maps instead of Strings.Maps.
+Types Wide_Character_Set and Wide_Character_Mapping need finalization.
+!corrigendum A.4.8(28/2)
+The context clause for each of the packages Strings.Wide_Wide_Fixed,
+Strings.Wide_Wide_Bounded, and Strings.Wide_Wide_Unbounded identifies
+Strings.Wide_Wide_Maps instead of Strings.Maps.
+Types Wide_Wide_Character_Set and Wide_Wide_Character_Mapping need finalization.
 !ACATS Test
+Possibly add test cases to the No_Nested_Finalization B-Tests for these types.
+No impact on ASIS.

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