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!standard D.7(8)          09-11-03 AI05-0190-1/01
!class amendment 09-11-03
!status work item 09-11-03
!status received 09-11-03
!priority Low
!difficulty Easy
!subject Restriction No_Allocation_from_Default_Pools
Provide a restriction that disallows use of allocators for types that use the default storage pool.
It is common to have a coding convention that only user-defined storage pools be used for all access types. This restriction allows the implementation to enforce this coding convention.
(see summary)
Add after D.7(8):
Every allocator shall be:
* of a named access type with a Storage_Pool attribute that denotes a user-defined object;
* of an anonymous access type, used to define the value of an access parameter or access discriminant; or
* of an anonymous access type, used in a context where the storage pool is defined to be the same as that of a permitted allocator.
We have allowed anonymous allocators so long as they can be allocated on the stack, or in a storage pool that is user-defined. We have not permitted an allocator for an access type with a Storage_Size attribute, because those still involve heap allocation and potentially unchecked deallocation using implementation-specific algorithms.
!ACATS test
An ACATS B test is needed.


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