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!standard D.7 (19.1/2)          09-11-03 AI05-0189-1/01
!class amendment 09-11-03
!status work item 09-11-03
!status received 09-11-03
!priority Low
!difficulty Easy
!subject Restriction No_Allocators_After_Elaboration
Provide a restriction that disallows use of allocators after library unit elaboration is complete.
It is quite common that a resource-constrained long-lived application wants to avoid any heap allocation after library unit elaboration is complete, to ensure that there is no heap growth during the ongoing execution of the program.
(see summary)
Add after D.7(19.1/2):
Specifies that the only allocators that may be evaluated during the execution of the partition are within the execution of the environment task, during the elaboration of the library_items of the partition, prior to the invocation of any main subprogram. An allocator shall not occur within a task body or the main subprogram. If an implementation chooses to detect a violation of this restriction at run-time, Storage_Error should be raised; otherwise the behavior is implementation defined.
For simplicity, we have restricted allocators to the environment task, even though it might be possible for a non-environment task to execute entirely during library-item elaboration. This also eliminates the need for synchronization during heap allocation.
We do not require this restriction to be entirely enforced prior to execution. We perhaps could do so, but to do it completely could require significant static analysis.
** TBD **
!ACATS test
ACATS B and C tests are needed.


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